• Leg - Hanging

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Leg - Hanging

USD 5.14

Length/Adjustment (mm)
  • 350/200mm
  • 400/250mm


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED when hanging perches!

Consider a shed with 20x 3kg birds per bay, 20 bays long (approx 80m) being spooked and all jumping off the perch at once.  That's over 1,200kg of birds jumping on the perch with this load being applied to the winching mechanism and the roof of the shed all at once.

The purpose of the support leg is to protect the winching mechanism (winch, drop cables, main cable, pulleys and winch) and shed roof from overload should a large number of birds jump off the perch at once. The support leg can be fitted to a perch rail or joiner via the universal mount. When used, the perch winching cable is attached to the top of the leg, and the perch is attached to the leg via the clevis pin on the universal mount.