• Poultry Perching System

    Aluminium perching system designed & engineered specifically for poultry farming.
    Universal system allows HANGING & FREE STANDING.

  • Light & Strong

    FOR A 3.65M RAIL: WEIGHT = 5.2kg
    DISTRIBUTED LOAD of 50kg = 15mm bend | POINT LOAD of 85kg = 30mm bend.

  • Hang | Hang + Support | Free Standing

    Switch between hanging, hanging + support leg & free standing at any time.
    Support legs protect wire, winch & shed roofs from over loading when all birds are spooked at once.

  • Adjustable Height

    Use support legs to adjust the perch height without using the winching mechanism.
    Support legs are available for 200mm, 250mm & 300mm of height adjustment.

  • Designed for Poultry & Farmers

    Aluminium rails have 90mm of flat top face + curved edges for bird welfare.
    Smooth finish & no closed sections = EASY CLEANING and CORROSION FREE for life.

  • Joiners & Length Adjustment

    Aluminium joiners fit over rails to provide a continuous length of perch.
    Vary the amount of rail inserted into the joiner to adjust the overall length of perch.

  • Universal Mount

    Our universal nylon mount fits both rails and joiners.
    The universal mount also protects ingress of manure into the rail and contact with dissimilar metals.

  • Rail End Caps

    End caps to seal rails against ingress of manure and contaminates.
    Push fit or glue in place.

  • Free Standing Sets

    Complete free standing perch.
    Available in 13 sizes from 2m to 5m in length.


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