System Overview


Gecko's Patent Pending system of aluminium perching has been specifically designed and engineered for poultry farming.  The system consists of extruded aluminium rails & joiners that can be utilised hung or free standing - with all attachment via a universal mount.

Being constructed from aluminium and nylon, perches are very light and corrosion free.



Rails are made from extruded aluminium. They have a 90mm of flat top face and curved top edges giving the rail an external size of 107mm x 75mm. Smooth finish and a clean design means the rails are exceptionally easy to clean, and there are no areas for manure or bacteria to accumulate. 

Rails are available with & without 28mm holes (to accept the universal mount) in 15 standard lengths and custom sizes on request.

Rails are also exceptionally strong - yet very light.  A 3.65m rail weights only 5.2kg and can support 50kg evenly distributed with a bend of only 15mm. To prove the point, below is a 4mtr rail (about 3.7m between supports) supporting an 85kg chicken in the centre. Bend is approx 30mm.



Joiners are a second aluminium extrusion that fit smoothly over rails, to create a continuous length of perch.

By varying the amount of rail inserted into the joiner: the joiner can be used to adjust the overall length of perch; and/or provide adjustment for the position of the joiner relative to roof trusses.

Where necessary, a bead of silicon can be added to the rail before fitting the joiner to create a waterproof seal.

As per rails, joiners are available with & without 28mm holes to accept the universal mount.



Perches can be used hung; hung + supported; and free standing - and you can switch between these at any time.

When hanging the perch, we HIGHLY RECOMMENDED using support legs!

Consider a shed with 20x 3kg birds per bay, 20 bays long (approx 80m) being spooked and all jumping off the perch at once.  That's over 1,200kg of birds jumping on the perch with this load being applied through the cable to the winching mechanism and roof of the shed - all at once.

The purpose of the support leg is to protect the whole winching mechanism (winch, drop cables, main cable, pulleys and winch) and shed roof from overload should a large number of birds jump off the perch at once. The support leg can be fitted to a perch rail or joiner via the universal mount. When used, the perch winching cable is attached to the top of the leg, and the perch is attached to the leg via the clevis pin on the universal mount.



The universal mount is a heavy duty 28mm diamater injection moulded nylon block that is fitted to a rail or hanger. Each mount also includes an 8mm diameter clevis pin with quick release clip.

When hung, attach the hanger wire using the clevis pin. When using a leg, attach the hanger wire to the top hole of the leg, and use the clevis to attach the perch to the leg.



When hung + support leg, the hanger cable attaches to the top of the support leg.  This releases most of the tension from the winching mechanism and prtects it should lots of birds be spooked at once.

Using the clevis pin, the height of the perch can also be adjusted (without using the winching mechanism).

3x standard legs are available - 350mm (with 200mm of adjustment); 400mm (with 250mm of adjustment); and 450mm (with 300mm of adjustment).



Injection moulded end cap for perch rails.  Cap can be push fit or glued in place.




By adding a leg at each end, free standing perches can be created, with the leg simplt attaching via the universal mount.

Longer free-standing perches can also be created by joining then together standard rail joiners. Additionally, whilst this is a free standing perch, wire can be attached to the centre rail in the normal fashion - thereby allowing it to be winched off the ground.

We offer a standard free standing perch set that includes:

  • 2x powder coated legs
  • 3x perch rails (length as selected)
  • 6x nylon universal mounts.
  • 6x end caps (optional)

We can also supply custom legs to your design.